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From: "Foreword to Second Edition"

The spark that was to flare into the first AA group was struck
at Akron, Ohio in June 1935, during a talk between a New
York stockbroker and an Akron physician. Six months earlier,
the broker had been relieved of his drink obsession by a
sudden spiritual experience, following a meeting with an
alcoholic friend who had been in contact with the Oxford
Groups of that day. He had also been greatly helped by the
late Dr. William D. Silkworth, a New York specialist in
alcoholism who is now accounted no less than a medical
saint by AA members, and whose story of the early days
of our Society appears in the next pages. From this doctor,
the broker had learned the grave nature of alcoholism.
Though he could not accept all the tenets of the Oxford
Groups, he was convinced of the need for moral inventory,
confession of personality defects, restitution to those harmed,
helpfulness to others, and the necessity of belief in and
dependence upon God.

Alcoholics Anonymous, pages xv-xvi

Love things about the early days of recovery. So glad they followed thought with action. This is one of my favourite where he took the program from religion of the Oxford Group, to one of spirituality which includes all religions.

Love always,


I share because I care.

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