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Default Do I need Drug Rehab?

Ask yourself some of these questions below. If you can honestly answer no to all of them then you may be able to stop using on your own, however the questions are very serious and if you say yes to even one of them you should consider calling us and see what your rehab options are.

Are you compulsively seeking and using drugs or alcohol despite the negative consequences they have had on your life?

Do you hide drug or alcohol?

Have you ever been arrested for DUI and continue to drive drunk?

Have drugs or alcohol caused you legal problems?

Have you ever overdosed?

Is your usage affecting you job, school, or causing problems within your family?

Do you use in the morning when you wake up to steady your nerves?

Have you ever felt guilty about your drug or alcohol use?

Have you ever promised yourself or others that you would cut down your usage only to find that you are unsuccessful in doing so?

If you have answered yes to some of these questions, then the answer is most likely YES! You do need treatment today. The reason why it is so important to get help immediately is because you never know when your next use could be your last use. Though many don't think it could ever happen to them, overdose is common in drug users. This is due to either an accelerating heart rate caused by stimulants, such as cocaine, or respiratory depression, caused by opiates or alcohol, which can lead to coma or death.

Drug addiction is a disease of the brain that is very complex. Some characteristics include the uncontrollable compulsivity to use or seek drugs, and to continue using even when you know it will cause negative consequences. The seeking of drugs becomes compulsive as a result of the effects that prolonged drug use has on the functioning of our brains, and therefore also our behaviors. The disease of addiction usually becomes chronic, with possibilities of relapse even after long periods of abstinence. This is why it is so important for the addict to get the help that is needed in a drug and alcohol treatment center.
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