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Love that saying, " DON'T PUT FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH IF THERE IS FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH ", never saw it before. I don't think I shovel one in after the other so much any more, but often think of the next bite while eating the one I got. We do have a thinking disease. I also tend to eat at the computer and the food sits there and gets forgotten, because the computer takes second place over the food.

For me, if I found myself reaching for the 3rd helping, I knew I was past hunger and feeding the emotions.

I was asking myself yesterday, why do we have to wait until something hurts us before we do something about it?

Yesterday I had good intentions. I had capsules recommended by the Holistic Center so I took them and I am suppose to eat 30-45 min. after taking them. I had good intentions, was going to walk down to A & W for a baby burger, a single burger with caramelized onions, nothing else (which isn't exactly a healthy choice), but because my hip had a few twinges I decided to make the bus), so went into the market, and bought a danish (Venetian Cream and cherry, another not so healthy choice, but didn't take time to eat it), went up to the mall after shopping, bought apples but never thought of them as a food for lunch, heaven forbid, bought my Freshly Squeezed juice (Acai Berry, Pomegranate, Cranberry, and Strawberry) and drank that while I talked to my Al-Anon friend ( a little healthier). I was so tired I went to the Nation's Food Buffet and got pork sausage, mashed potatoes, gravy, carrots, corn, and balsamic mushrooms which is more sugar. I was too tired and stressed by the time I got home, finished my juice and had my lunch my danish while I rested, had my dinner about 3 hours later and wondered why when I topped my dinner with brownies, my blood sugar was 9/10 when I went to bed.

I can see it, but can't see it some times, and then there are other times I don't seem to care, but that isn't really true either. Sometimes, that is all there is to eat, because my son will shop and he sees it as healthy food. It is food I like and love but that doesn't mean it is healthy and good for me.

Thanks for letting me share.


Love always,


I share because I care.

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