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Treatment isn't recovery. It isn't the solution, it isn't a cure. It started me on my road to recovery. It gave me my options and made me aware of my addiction and allowed me to detox in a safe place.

It was what I did after I left treatment that made the difference. There were 11 women who went into treatment and only 3 left 6 weeks later. We all got a year sober and I was the only one who stayed sober. During the next 5 years, I was the only client that stayed sober, some relapsed and came back into recovery, some after a short time, some never lived to make it back. For some it took several tries, and then thankfully, there were a few who were like me, who found that going back, just wasn't an option.

I was introduced to AA, NA, and Women for Sobriety when in treatment. I chose AA because of my denial. I knew I was an addict. That was also were the long-term sobriety was, I needed the support and NA was just new here.

For me it was the 12 Steps Fellowships, without them I would not have stayed sober. I also went for additional counselling and outside help. A lot depends on the content of what the treatment center offers and the qualifications of the staff. So much of the staff is 'university' taught and not one alcoholic sharing with another alcoholic, which is what I needed. Alcohol is a drug. My sponsor was a recovering heroin addict, she chose AA. My NA sponsor was a member of NA, he too was a prescription drug addict (dried up alcohol).

When I went to CA, they say"...and all mind altering substances, I could go there and identify." A recovering heroin addict told my story from the front of the room so well that my boyfriend of the time, heard it too, and kept nodding his head and looking at me.

Treatment Centers are good if they lead you to the rooms of recovery.

Love always,


I share because I care.

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