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Inspirations, Poetry, Quotes, Thoughts, Etc A place for you to express yourself. Share inspirations, poetry, quotes, writings etc. here.

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Default Venus

It was rain
On a coast, when
Sleep lost unfeigned a wind produced host
Brought the same wrought storm blown
Brazenly west. In deep land eschewed sand
Such lone lean anew, most thoughts known
Still remain amiss.

Aghast. What's least disconcerting about
This nightmarish wrath, was how confined
Vaulted dreams hath, exceeded extreme
Effervescence, yet now, set leer chided ever
Present, sheath down a preceded escarpment

Whether reason, mere mysticism, or fate's stay
Bequeath, held captivated time called none a way
To reprieve, ephemerally near euphemism, nor
Evading pure grief, from surreal, the teal tether
All three states conceived there
That somehow, more clearly dared
Fetter beneath.

Scores before this aforementioned crevice breach
Lent kinship's shiv arrangement reach
Seams pages ripped orange from guarded myths estranged;
Exit stage left--fickle hence. Severed fervor, words world round
Cannot relent, wielded gore lore, lorn-aged, beseeched
Descent, to clues that this torn clandestine event
Cleft. Albeit, sickle flint.

Retained where writ on tide's hidden feat
Sources bound accrued font, fit of unfulfilled links,
Via an eroding Cyprus guided billed ink,
Centrifugally bathed as under porous effete
Lathed atypically foreboding as salty chilled blinks
Found coarsely forbidden to completely deplete.

Scythe honed stamen only seeds flung amok.
A wake of showered caps gone again, greedily flocked
Amid yon seized, vested power, with own breed to sow
Then lead sower, heir below an arrested sound
By a low, white air, blue vacant pound.

In deed gale prevailed firmament,
An ebb-dawn crested wave's length extent,
Sent fro to heed flowered gaps well pent,
Glowing light that bested, when adored afar
A reflect of sun's bright, burgeoning star
Later known as nothing more, than
The letter H.

Shine, from width barren
Rung, hid foamed tier, endeared
Among a beautifully better,
Like-ladder appear. And in
Roam, did beach.
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