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Default Escape Into Sleep

November 17, 2010

After we stop eating compulsively, we may be tempted to use sleep as a form of escape. Though not as detrimental as excess food, too much sleep can also make us lethargic and dull. The danger lies in allowing ourselves to escape the realities of living, rather than coping with them.

- Food For Thought

When they say, "Use people, places, and things" one of the things I used was my bed. In recovery, I had to give myself permission to go and have an afternoon nap. I had to examine my motive and intent, to see why I was going there.

Was I using my bed to hide from reality. In the past, I would pop pills so I could sleep, and if I couldn't sleep, I would take more. Gravol was the candy I used when everything else didn't work fast enough.

Stuffing and eating a lot, was a good excuse to go to my bed. Or I didn't want to feel my feelings, so I would go to bed and hide. If I shut down, shut off, I block out the positive as well as the negative emotions.

Negativity is there. It is what we do with it. For me, I try to address it, see what I can do to change it, if I can't, I turn it over to my Higher Power.

I can use books, TV, my computer, etc. all things that seem so much better than my drug of choice, and yet is all leads to the same soul sickness.

Heading to my bed, not sure it is using my bed or not, I only slept for 4 hours last night. I have been online posting for 4 hours, so they say balance in all things.

We can use many things to escape. Some things can be fun. Some things can be healthy. Some things can be unhealthy, like food and other addictive behaviours.


Love always,


I share because I care.

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