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It's not always calories, fat or any other diet factor that causes people to become overweight. For many people, the trigger to overeating is stress, and the answer is mastering relaxation techniques. One recent study found that people who had no strategy to deal with stress gave in to eating temptations every time; those who responded with positive thoughts and action -- taking a walk, listening to music -- avoided emotion-based eating 85% of the time.


This sound good in theory. My problem has been Arthritic Gout and swollen feet. The kidney specialist gave me some fluid pills and they make my feet very sore and it is difficult to walk any distance to do any good for losing weight.

We tend to forget or recognize that we substitute food to stuff those feelings that we buried with drugs and alcohol in the past. It was important for me to recognize that work and food are a drug. Work for me today is my computer and my sites. I have had to learn to detach from it and watch TV. I got to a place were I never watched TV for about six year. As my son asked me the other day, "Mom when was the last time you watched the news?"

Love Always,

Bea Jo
From my site Soundness of Mind. This may seem like it should be in OA, but for me, the whole problem was the emotions, whether it was food or something else, I reached for people, places and things to fill the void and take away the hurt.

I had no knowledge of the fact that the answers were within and not outside of myself. I just spoke to my first AA sponsor. I was blessed when God put her in my life, because she had been to OA and EA.

It still amazes me how the message is the same, it is basic and yet inter-changeable between fellowships.


Love always,


I share because I care.

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