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Default A Simple Path To a Useful Life

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. ~ William James

Egg drop soup and fried rice was the perfect lunch combination on a chilly autumn day recently. After filling my spoon with the last sip of soup, my attention turned to the fortune cookies scattered on the table.

The way I select my fortune cookie is to look for the one that appears to be pointing to me; the one that is calling my name. While there is no real science behind my method, there is an intuitive sense I have that tells me to, Pick that one.

So, I did.

I took off the cellophane and broke the cookie in half. After unfolding the white paper, I read: You lead a useful life no matter what riches are coming to you.

I picked the right cookie. The words felt more like a prayer than a fortune. They were encouraging, hopeful and just what I needed to combat the chilly air.

The fortune cookie was a gentle reminder that a useful life isnt always measured in material rewards a useful life is measured in love, too:

A useful life is measured by giving your children strong roots and then a set of wings so they can fly when ready.
A useful life is measured by giving yourself forgiveness for the mistakes made in the past.
A useful life is measured by finding the joy in each day.
A useful life is measured by the promises you keep.
A useful life is measured by taking the time to discover your passion.
A useful life is measured by giving your spouse or partner a safe, warm heart they can fall into whenever needed.
A useful life is measured by learning to silence your inner critic.
A useful life is measured by touching others with your special gifts.
A useful life is measured by feeling the pain when it hurts.
A useful life is measured by moving on from the pain when you are ready.
A useful life is measured by letting go and allowing life to unfold.
A useful life is measured by not believing the lie.
A useful life is measured by believing the truth about you: You have a worth placed inside you that can never be taken away.

When Im enjoying my last days, I dont think Ill look back and consider the things I achieved (or didnt achieve). I think Ill look back and consider how many hearts I touched with my actions, words and prayers. I think Ill look back and consider the lessons I taught my children and the love I gave my wife.

Sometimes the simple path to a useful life begins with understanding the answer to the question, What did you do with the time you were given? might be , I helped. I inspired. I loved.

After lunch, I tucked the slip of paper into my pocket. It was time to get back to work. Stepping outside, the egg drop soup, and fortune, went to work warming my body and soul.

I felt energized knowing that my useful life was waiting.
By Alex Blackwell
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