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Originally Posted by mmacto View Post
I kind of love how alcoholics think. Man it's a bunch of work being one. ..
13. Try AA. It's a good program. Not for all but most. Just give it a try.
Yep, totally get it and agree with what you said.
I first came to AA not to stop drinking, but because it was such hard work and I just wanted all the sh** to go away.
I have relapsed more times than I can count over the last 15+ years, but do know with no doubt AA works. When I do what is suggested, go to Meetings regularly, do a bit of service, try and practice the principles in all my affairs I stay sober and life gets better it really does. But I'm lazy, after a while I slack off with meetings, don't do service, don't speak to others in recovery and sooner or later crash, and its never fun as I think it was once, but probably wasn't really.
Really hope you can find your road to recovery, I was told so many years ago if I put half the effort into my recovery that I put into my drinking and using I would be fine, and have a great life. Today is 28 days sober, and man if I can do it...
Wishing you well
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