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Recovery Topics and Questions Post all recovery related topics and questions that you have here for discussion.

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What steps can people take to handle insecurity?

Step 1: Read over the material in Sections I through V, then answer
the following questions in your journal:

a. What behavior traits signal my insecurity?

b. What happened in my past to make me insecure?

c. What are some of my beliefs that account for my insecurity?

d. What are some negative consequences I've experienced due to my

e. What behavior traits do I need to develop in order to overcome my

Step 2: After identifying your insecurity, how can you handle it?

Answer the following questions in your journal:

a. What substitute behavior traits could I develop that would
indicate security in myself?

b. What are some positive consequences of exhibiting such secure
behavior traits in my life?

c. What are some rational beliefs I must develop in order to exhibit
secure behavior in my life?

d. How will my life change if I exhibit secure behavior?

e. What is my action plan to develop security in my life?

f. What obstacles stand in the way of my executing this action plan?

g. How can I overcome the obstacles to my development of self-
confidence and security?

Step 3: Implement the plan of action in Step 2.

Keep a log in your journal as you go through each stage of handling
your insecurity.

Step 4: The following project is designed to help you develop secure
behavior by learning about yourself through the eyes of the others in
your life. (Make it smaller or larger as you see fit.)

"Overcoming Insecurity" Collage

Ask at least six close friends and/or relatives to assist you in
making a collage. Tell them you have been assigned to make a collage
about yourself for school, work, or a club project. All collages must
be 2 x 3 feet. The collage must be completed within two weeks of the
time you ask your friends and/or relatives to help you. Ask them to
send you magazine pictures, sayings, articles, photos, prizes,
trinkets, cards, drawings, objects, ribbons, etc., indicative of the
various strengths, attributes, talents, skills, knowledge, virtues,
competencies, or abilities you possess. Ask them to send a short
explanation with each item they send you. Ask each person to send at
least ten items.

Once you gather the items, paste them on poster board in collage
fashion. On the back of the collage paste the explanations for the

Share your collage with your friends, family, and helpers. Explain
each item on the collage, and explain that they have helped you
overcome some of your personal insecurity by giving accurate and
honest feedback on reasons why you should feel secure and good about

Step 5: If you are still feeling insecure after completing Steps 1
through 4, review the material, return to Step 1, and begin again.

Love always,


I share because I care.

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