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A.A. History With Dick B. Dick B. is an active, recovered member of Alcoholics Anonymous; a retired attorney; and a Bible student. He has sponsored more than one hundred men in their recovery from alcoholism. Consistent with A.A.'s traditions of anonymity, he uses the pseudonym "Dick B." Please feel free to read and share in this forum.

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Icon21 Christian Prison Ministry Leader Interview by AA Historian and Author Dick B.

Dick B. interviews author Marty A. on the Wednesday, December 4, 2013, episode of the "Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B." show
Dick B.
© 2013 Anonymous. All rights reserved

You can hear this interview right now; and, if you tune in, you will hear a very very articulate musical celebrity, former drug addict, prisoner, and dedicated servant of the Lord

__________________________________________________ _____________________________

You may hear Dick B. interview author Marty A. on the December 4, 2013, episode of the "Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B." show here:

or here:

Episodes of the "Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B." show are archived at:


Our guest today, Marty A., captured my attention when he graciously sent me his book "Once Life Matters: A New Beginning." But it was not just another drunkalog or war story. It describes Marty's unusual musical career, contact with celebrities, ups and downs, and bouts with drugs and alcohol. But its principal appeal is its picture of a cured addict who is an example for thousands of recovered Christians who have emerged from their drug-filled holes, met inspired recovery leaders, focused on prisoners' freedom, and reported dramatic conversions to God through Jesus Christ. Marty's accounts reminded me that Ken and I had the pleasure of befriending Bishop Frank Costantino, a man who emerged from life as a gangster, followed by time in prison, to head up a huge prison relief program. And Frank endorsed and funded several of our books. Marty reminded me of our friend Mickey Evans of Dunklin Memorial Church in Okeechobee. We spent lots of time with Mickey, spoke at meetings with him, and marveled at his success in the swamps bringing men out of prison, into the Bible, and back to families and productive work.

We hope Marty will tell us of his family, bumpy career, powerful conversion, and time spent with his sister and a minister friend who led him to be born again. He shows how a New York pastor got him grounded in the Word of God; and how he began attending church and speaking at youth meetings, and participating in meetings sponsored by Full Gospel Business Men. He met a supportive police officer before he was sentenced to prison. He sought Frank Costantino's prison ministry; and, in prison, worked with Jews for Jesus and other Christians who wanted better lives. That work brought him to well-known prison ministries like those of Murph the Surf, "Pappy" Eastham, Chuck Colson, and Mickey Evans. Now, take it away Marty.


Christians and those wanting God’s help in overcoming alcoholism, addiction, and sin will welcome this book by Marty A., titled Once Life Matters: A New Beginning. It is filled with details about Marty’s stellar music career, his rubbing noses with celebrities, his getting caught in the desire and temptation for drugs in the 1960’s, his arrest and conviction and imprisonment, and his complete life-changing turnabout when he became born again of the spirit of God and devoted some 30 years to serving God and others. Particularly in the prison ministry field, working with such leaders as Bishop Frank Costantino, Murf the Surf, Mickey Evans, Chaplain Ray, Chuck Coulson, and David Wilkerson.

I really don’t want to summarize or detail the words of Marty. They are too good for that. But I will emphasize some of the high points you will hear in this radio show:

Marty was caught up in the temptations, counterfeits, and desires common to many successful celebrities. And his career as a music celebrity tanked. Through the prayers and efforts of his sister and her minister friend, he was born again. In his book, he lists all the appropriate King James Version verses involved in the promises of the Bible which, when confessed and believed enable the promise to become a child of the living God.

Marty emphasizes that he was a sinner, in need of redemption, salvation, and transformation. And his thankfulness goes to the assurance in the Bible that he has Christ in him, the hope of glory. Then there’s the need for what some call “progressive sanctification.” Which means that the devil doesn’t give up trying to counterfeit and tempt. And the believer has to fight the battle described in Ephesians 6 by putting on the whole armor of God and telling the devil to take a hike.

Marty offered a free copy of his book to anyone who has listened to this program and contacts him. They may get the contact information through dickb@ And Marty is now revising his book, and I look forward to reading the new version.
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