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Sponsors and Sponsees Help Forum This forum is to discuss any topics, questions or comments you have on sponsorship from How To Pick A Sponsor to When To Step Back and more.

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My sponsor and I used to e-mail regularly.
This is from one of those early e-mails.

No one has ever got as excited about my accomplishments as I have. I relish in them, privately. But when I have a chance to reveal something that I've done wrong, it is like I have to tell you. Perhaps that's why I'm so apt to fail miserably whenever I try to decieve someone. I've always been a terrible liar, and maybe in many ways, that is a gift. One which when working an honest program, cannot be celebrated enough.

I wish the people who didn't talk much, weren't so guarded.
I wish people that talk incessantly would just shut up.
Especially the people who talk about themselves.
But, I talk about myself too much too.
I need to work on that.
Maybe tomorrow.
Not today.
Did I mention, I'm a procrastinator?

No one has ever succeeded in pleasing me completely, but since the idea of that happening scares me I wouldn't have it any other way. Can you imagine how terrible it would be, if we all agreed on everything? I'm still sore if someone doesn't agree with me, and still feel like I've lost something when I disagree with someone verbally. I don't feel as bad though, when I do not voice the disagreement. I'm just glad that they can't hear what I'm thinking. When I first got sober, I wanted everyone to be my friend.

Thank God, that didn't happen. Yes, dissension is essential. I just don't take it as personal anymore.

Spring has been great, hasn't it? It's the best one I can remember. It was said, that we're two inches above normal. What does that mean?

Don't pay attention to the silly sign.
Go ahead.
Feed the animals.
Just keep movin'

I Love You!
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