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Default Attitude Adjustment

Man needs difficulties; they are necessary for health.

- Carl Jung

In early recovery, due to a much needed 'attitude' adjustment, I remember scoffing at the phrase "If you didn't have difficult moments, you wouldn't be able to enjoy or recognize the good ones when they came."

Of course, I wanted everything yesterday. I wanted the quick fix, and the "now I have quit drinking" syndrome made me think that everything should be going my way and how dare anything or anyone rain on my parade.

We tend to forget that we didn't get sick overnight and we don't heal and get better overnight, especially if we are not willing to do any work on changing our lives, our attitude and the people, place and things that were apart of our journey to get here.

Why should I get cravings just because I choose to go visit my old 'buddies' in the bar? Why shouldn't I feel like I want to substitute my drug of choice for a little weed when I go and visit my best friend, who I met the last time I was in jail. Why shouldn't I be happy, joyous and free even though I am acting out in my old ways and still being mentally, emotionally and physically abusive to those around me. There is nothing wrong with me anymore, I don't drink. It is everyone else's fault. Life would be so better if people would just do what I .......

The great "I" am, if I don't lose it, I will lose it. Sobriety that is!
It says we need a spiritual experience that will bring about change in our life. A change in attitude is needed. I am not the power, I am powerless over alcohol. In my case, over people, places, and things. Alcohol was but one addiction that I had to address. I found that substitution doesn't work. None of this, "I am not using my drug of choice, so it is okay.

Love always,


I share because I care.

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