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Default Eating Slowly

Eating Slowly

We compulsive over eaters are inclined to devour our meals in a great rush. Mealtime often finds us anxious and tense, and sometimes we are just plain greedy! While others at the table are interested in conversation and socializing, we may be narrowly focused on food and preoccupied with trying to satisfy a ravenous appetite.

- Food for Thought

Just reading the title, caused deep thought, at least for me.

I thought, "Take your time, don't try to injest everything at once. It is a one day at a time program. Give yourself time to digest what you have before taking more."

As most of you know, one of my favourite sayings and truths is, "When I get needy, I get greedy." When I get greedy, I know that I am not doing something right, because my God meets my needs, so either I am blocking Him out, not listening, not open to receiving, and I need to get back to basics.

This may be OA, but is applicable to all areas of my life. My disease tries to get at me in many ways, not just pills and alcohol, not just with food, relationships, busy, shopping etc. As the slogan says, "Easy Does It...but Do IT! That doesn't mean to stop eating, not eating makes me fatter and bloat up more than eating too much.

Sometimes it seems like the food goes to my head and inflates the ego, my butt and I get stubborn and unwilling to let go and dig my heals in, and when I get angry and resentful, it goes to my back, and I know that my feet are oft times insecurities and a message that says, "Don't even go there!"

Eat slowly, look at which direction you are taking. Are your choices healthy and good for you, or are you making excuses and/or using people, places and things, to not look at you. Are you nurturing yourself, are you eating and not tasting, are you eating just because you feel you have to, without thought or reason, are you eating things, just because you were told, "This is how it is done."

Eat slowly and savour every moment of recovery. If you are not enjoying yourself, what are you doing wrong?


Love always,


I share because I care.

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