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Default "New Life" Program

1. I have a life-threatening problem that once had me. I now take charge of my life and my disease. I accept the responsibility.

2. Negative thoughts destroy only myself. My first conscious sober act must be to remove negativity from my life.

3. Happiness is a habit I will develop. Happiness is created, not waited for.

4. Problems bother me only to the degree I permit them to. I now better understand my problems and do not permit problems to overwhelm me.

5. I am what I think. I am a capable, competent, caring, compassionate woman.

6. Life can be ordinary or it can be great. Greatness is mine by a conscious effort.

7. Love can change the course of my world. Caring becomes all important.

8. The fundamental object of life is emotional and spiritual growth. Daily I put my life into a proper order, knowing which are the priorities.

9. The past is gone forever. No longer will I be victimized by the past. I am a new person.

10. All love given returns. I will learn to know that others love me.

11. Enthusiams is my daily exercise. I treasure all moments of my new life.

12. I am a competent woman and have much ti give life. This is what I am and I shall know it always.

13. I am responsible for myself and for my actions. I am in charge of my mind, my thoughts, and my life.


To make the program effective for you, arise each morning fifteen minutes earlier than usual and go over the Thirteen Acceptance Statements. Then begin to think about each one by itself. Take one Statement and use it consciously all day. At the end of the day, review the use of it and what effects it had that day for you and your actions. Keeping a daily journal is helpful during this time.
I went in early recovery and I don't think I would have stayed sober with just their program. In fact, I vowed I would never go back there, and I ended up going to the meetings 12 1/2 years later, mainly because I moved into an apartment, just down the street from the meeting.

I find them a positive solution in today, and I think each one has their own HP although it certainly isn't discussed at length like our fellowships. For me, when I surrender to my Higher Power, I am empowered to do what I need to do for myself. That is getting rid of the negative and replacing the positive. This is what I find here, looking at how I can change that "challenge" in today to something positive and worthwhile in my life.

Love always,


I share because I care.

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