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Newcomers Recovery Help and Support Stop in here if you are new to recovery and share with us. Feel free to ask questions and for support here.

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Default I Was Chosen


I Was Chosen

I donít deserve to be here today
I still canít comprehend how I found my way
At times I was unable to fight
From a world of darkness to a world of light
Nevertheless, I had made it through
And I began to construct a life anew
Somehow a second chance I received
A new outlook upon life I now perceived

I have no clue why someone chose me
Ďcause I wasnít going to grow up to be
The savior to bring the world to peace
Leave that to one who knows what to do at least
I also wonít cure any disease
I donít know how to put my stomach at ease
So someone, why me, may I question?
Why am I, an awful mess, your selection?

One of three places I should have been
For all of the misery I have given
Either locked up in a cold, damp cell
And the inmates, I would get to know quite well
Or have padded walls surrounding me
Then one of the crazy people I would be
Or I could make a major blunder
Place three for me should have been six feet under

The torture Iíve caused you must not know;
The destruction I caused many years ago
For their grief I am to blame
Through being a villain I had earned my fame
And I know their lives can never be
Restored to sanity, all because of me
So why I was chosen I donít know
Despite the agony I caused years ago

I knew in my heart I could not win;
Tried to force myself into oblivion
But then I threw out one final prayer
Sobbing to anyone who just might be there
I donít know what changed in me that day
Through that darkness I had discovered my way
Back then that wasnít of my concern
Since a whole new life I was about to earn

I found some people of my own kind
Which I thought existed just in my own mind
For the first time I wasnít alone
With these people I had found a comfort zone
Even though they were complete strangers
I was certain that they possessed no dangers
For they helped me to regain my life
To a world of new hope from a world of strife

Iím a walking miracle I keep hearing
Despair around me keeps on clearing
Scars of yesterday are history
While tomorrowís life remains a mystery
Now I can see the light in my heart
Even when my hands canít pull the darkness apart
The sun finally begins to shine
And this heavenly world can now be all mine

Someone out there wanted to save me
Restore my hectic life back to sanity
They must have seen something inside me
That something, must have established me worthy
I havenít found that divine force yet
Whatever it is, Iím forever in debt
Ďcause it somehow chose me to survive
Although I shouldnít be, I am still alive


~*~"I haven't found that divine force yet whatever it is, I'm forever in its debt. 'Cause somehow it chose ME to survive, although I shouldn't be, I'm still alive"~*~

Love always,


I share because I care.

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