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Inspirations, Poetry, Quotes, Thoughts, Etc A place for you to express yourself. Share inspirations, poetry, quotes, writings etc. here.

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Default We experience what we believe!

We experience what we believe

"You are free to believe what you choose and what you do attests to what you believe."

-- A Course of Miracles

You most likely believe that your experiences have taught you what is real and what is true – at least for you. However, what you may not know is that your beliefs – conscious and unconscious – have determined what you would experience.

Experiences do not determine what you believe. What you first of all believe is what you will experience. It follows, then, that if you wish to experience life in new ways, you need to examine your belief systems.

Change your consciousness and you’ll change your life.

“Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.”

-- Richard Bach

Higher Awareness - used with permission
It is the God of your understanding. I had to rethink God and who and what He meant to me. I thought I had a lot of anger toward Him when in fact, my anger was at the church. Then I realized that I could change the church and find one I felt comfortable in. Then I found that a lot of them didn't measure up because they complicated God and the simple faith and church of my childhood had been a strong foundation and a lot had been my interruptation and the real problem had been me.

The church was built by my grandfather who was a travelling minister. It had wood wainscotting around the bottom of the walls. The windows were opaque. There were no pews, just wooden chairs and a simple wooden pulpit. There was a black wood stove in the middle of the room to keep us warm and Sunday mornings we sat around it for the communion service. there was a piano and the place was filled with beautiful music. On prayer meeting night, people would just stand up from where they sat and say a prayer. It was from the heart and spontaneous and not from a book.

There was no minister at our church, just layman who took turns carrying the message and dealing with the finances and the running of the church. I realized that it prepared me for AA and accepting the structure, the only difference, was there was all the rules and regulations that go with church and the mind(s) were not as open like I found in AA.

I never lost my belief. What I did gain was a spiritual outlook that included others.

When I think of it all, I think of the slogan, "Keep It Simple."

Love always,


I share because I care.

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