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12 Steps and 12 Traditions Information and Discussions related to the 12 Steps and The 12 Traditions

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Default Go Back To The Steps


Go back to the Steps. Go back to the Step.

When we don't know what to do next, when we feel confused, upset, distraught, at the end of our rope, overwhelmed, full of self-will, rage, or despair, go back to the Steps.

No matter what situation we are facing, working a Step will help. Focus on one, trust your instincts, and work it.

What does it mean to work a Step? Think about it. Meditate on it. Instead of focusing on the confusion, the problems, or the situation causing our despair or rage, focus on the Step.

Think about how that Step might apply. Hold on to it. Hang on as tightly as we hang on to our confusion or the problem.

The Steps are a solution. They work. We can trust them to work.

We can trust where the Steps will lead us.

When we don't know what step to take next, take on of the Twelve.

Today I will concentrate on using the Twelve Steps to solve problems and keep me in balance and harmony. I will work a Step to the best of my ability. I will learn to trust the Steps, and rely on them instead of on my protective, codependent behaviours.

Melody Beattie - Language of Letting Go


God would give me just enough light for the step I am on...that I would learn to walk by faith.
I read this quote on another site. I had never heard it put this way before. I found it to be very empowering. When I am stuck, I know I can surrender in the moment, accept what is in the moment, and ask for help and it will be given to me.

It is my personal belief that the Light comes in at the point of surrender. I can't, God can, and I have to ask for His help. I have to follow it up with action.

Surrender is a Principle of Step One for me. God brought me here, and gives me the tools to stay here, one day at a time.
Posted on another site on August 2010

In all times of trouble and despair, in good times and bad, because it all deals with feeling and emotions, I need to go back to the steps.

Don't call them problems, look at them as challenges. Problems we can stay stuck in, challenges we can overcome.

Love always,


I share because I care.

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