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Default I'm Still in my Recovery

I am Ricky Ward from LA and I am Alcoholic man. I got alcoholic after my Dad died last year. I have a broken family and I'm an only child. I don't really know what may happen to me but it seems like I love myself now. Alcohol makes me happy. I felt like I am on a different world. When my father died last year, I now fully understood why he had to drink much. After my parents broke up, my dad told me that alcohol was his medicine to cure his depression on their separation. Today, since I am on my own, with no parents to approach, I saw alcohol as my crying shoulder. I don't know why. Itís just that, I love it. I am living on my own now. I'm getting tired of this life. Last night, I tried not to touch any of my substances, and I succeeded. I feel uncomfortable but I just closed my eyes and locked my door. All I know in the next morning was thirst. I'm thirsty. I mouth is dry. Do you know what was happening to me?
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