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Default Drinking and Thinking

The Power of the Mind

The mind is a powerful tool. It can talk you into or out of anything and everything. When I am not living God-centered, I become a product of that mind. It can tell me I am just 'fine' or it can tell me I am very sick and not worthy of love and care. It is so important to feed my mind with positive affirmations. I have to remember that all I have is today. Whatever label I choose to wear in today, is subject to change be it positive or negative. The choice is mine.

I am a recovering alcoholic/addict, who used alcohol and other mind altering substances, to deal with life. Today, when I hear someone say, "Well I am an addict/alcoholic you know!" I always ask, "So what are you doing about it?

A part of my mind was filled with blame and shame. Blaming other people for the conditions in my life and shame as to where I allowed myself to go as a result of my using. It wasn't just what I did but it was the fact that I lost my principles, put aside my beliefs, went where I said I would never go, and puffed myself into this prideful balloon full of hot air that was false and filled with a lot of things I had no reason to be proud of.

The things that I did as a result of trying to please others, looking for affirmation and acceptance, the letting go my integrity and principles that were such a big part of my life to end up an empty shell with no mind of her own with no will to live and completely void of feelings.

What a gift the program has given back. My sense of self, a new set of principles, and a sense of pride in who I am in today.

The picture is gross but it reminds me how easily I can get my nose all bent out of shape over the littlest things and forget where I come from, and forget how far I have come back.

Love always,


I share because I care.

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