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Default Seven Deadly Sins


These considerations were taken from pages 48, 49, 66 & 67 of the Twelve and Twelve

The bold type presents definitions from Webster's Unabridged Dictionary.

PRIDE: An over high opinion of oneself; exaggerated self-esteem; conceit, arrogance, vanity, self-satisfaction.

1)Have I been so proud that I've been scorned (disrespected) as abraggar(bragger)?

2)Have I acted prideful, consciously or unconsciously out of fear?

3)Have I used pride to justify my excesses in my sex conduct?

4)Do I like to feel and act superior to others?

GREED: Excessive desire for acquiring or having; desire for more than one needs or deserves.

1)Have I been so greedy that I've been or could be labelled a thief?

2)Do I long for the possessions of others out of fear of not getting enough?

3)Do I let greed masquerade as ambition?

LUST: To feel an intense desire, especially sexual desire; to long: after or for.

1)Have I been lustful enough to rape, if not physically what about in my mind?

2)Do I fear I will never have the sex relations I need?

3)Do I have sex excursions that have been dressed up in dreams or delusions of romance?

ANGER: A strong feeling excited by a real or supposed injury; often accompanied by a desire to take vengeance, or to obtain satisfaction from the offending party; resentment; wrath.

1)Have I been angry enough to murder?

2)Do I get angry out of fear when my instinctive demands are threatened?

3)Have I enjoyed self-righteous anger in the fact that many people annoy me and that makes me superior to them?

4)Have I enjoyed gossiping as a polite form of murder by character assassination?

GLUTTONY: One who eats too much. One with a great capacity for something; as, a glutton for work.

1)Have I been gluttonous enough to ruin my health?

2)Do I grab for everything I can, fearing I'll never have enough?

3)Do I bury myself in my work, hobbies or activities?

ENVY: To resent another for excellence or superiority in any way, and to be desirous of acquiring it.

1)Do I agonized over the chronic (persistent or recurring) pain of envy?

2)Does seeing the ambitions of others materialize make me fear that mine haven't?

3)Do I suffer from never being satisfied with what I have?

4)Have I spent more time wishing for what others have than working towards them?

SLOTH: Disinclination to action or labor; sluggishness; habitual indolence; laziness, idleness; slowness; delay.

1)Have I been paralyzed by sloth?

2)Do I get alarmed with fear at the prospect of work?

3)Do I work hard with no better motive than to be secure and slothful later on?

4)Do I loaf and procrastinate?

5)Do I work grudgingly and under half steam?
Many of these when I look at them are not as bad as they use to be, others still need lots of work, while others are just okay in today.

One that I am fighting at the moment is 'sloth' be it no energy to do, no motivation, and going with the thought, tomorrow is another day. As they say, procrastination is a 5 syllabol word for sloth.

Everything seems an effort. I thought with no swelling and no pain, I would have more energy, but it is worse instead of better. Hopefully, the body is in transition and changing and this too shall pass.

The Cymbalta is suppose to help with fibromyalgia. It helps with the pain but seems to have triggered fatigue and loss of memory.

I guess when I get really honest about it, I want a quick fix and things to be all better. Enough is enough, I want the pain to ALL go away and that isn't going to happen.

I think expectations should be the 8th deadly sin!

These could be duplicate posts. I can't remember. Hope this isn't too much information. I got it from another site and I originally typed it out and didn't do a very good job of editing.

Love always,


I share because I care.

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