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Default Self-Test for Compulsive Overeating

Self Test for Compulsive Overeating

This series of questions may help you determine if you are a compulsive overeater. Many members of Overeaters Anonymous have found that they have answered yes to many of these questions.
Do you eat when you're not hungry?
Do you go on eating binges for no apparent reason?
Do you have feelings of guilt and remorse after overeating?
Do you give too much time and thought to food?
Do you look forward with pleasure and anticipation to the time when you can eat alone?
Do you plan these secret binges ahead of time?
Do you eat sensibly before others and make up for it alone?
Do you hide your food?
Have you tried to diet for a week (or longer), only to fall short
of your goal?
Do you resent others telling you to "use a little willpower" to
stop overeating?
Despite evidence to the contrary, have you continued to
assert that you can diet "on your own" whenever you wish?
Do you crave to eat at a definite time, day or night, other than
meal time?
Do you eat to escape from worries or trouble?
Have you ever been treated for obesity or a food-related condition?
Does your eating behavior make you or others unhappy?
Is your weight affecting your health?
Do you feel lethargic or daze like?
Do you crave specific types of food products, such as wheat, milk, flour, rice?
Do you have withdrawal symptoms from not eating certain foods?
Have you ever blacked out or passed out from overeating?
Have you experienced episodes of schizophrenia?

Overeaters Anonymous is a Fellowship of individuals who, through
shared experience and mutual support, are recovering from
compulsive overeating.

We welcome everyone who wants to stop eating compulsively.
There are no dues or fees for members; we are self-supporting
through our own contributions, neither soliciting nor accepting
outside donations. OA is not affiliated with any public or private
organization, political movement, ideology or religious doctrine;
we take no position on outside issues.

Our primary purpose is to abstain from compulsive overeating
and to carry this message of recovery to those who still suffer.

Link to O.A. site....

Love always,


I share because I care.

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