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Recovery Topics and Questions Post all recovery related topics and questions that you have here for discussion.

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Default Healthy Choices

Start each day moving forward in life, doing what needs to be done to the best of your ability. Seek to be vigorous and strong., filled with vitality and energy and desire to do all things good and for nothing to stand in the way of your expression. We know that no one can do this for us - we must hoe our own row. Let lethargy, inaction and procrastination be things of the past. Arise, and act from the base of tremendous potential that is within us. Vigorously we cut through the difficulties, and claim what life has in store for us now. We see that when we do the thing we wish to do, we will have the power.

WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYAN said, "The way to develop confidence is to do the thing you fear and get a record of successful experiences behind you."

I am Divinely guided and protected at all times and nothing can hurt me or cause me to deviate from my true course. When we hold our beliefs steady in those thoughts we are truly guided into the best course for our lives and protected from error, negativity and harm.

The idea is that when we know that we are guided, we will be guided and when we know that we are protected we will be protected. It is good to stop briefly before starting each day to confirm that we indeed, are protected and guided. As we continue to look within to our inner direction we come to know who we are, and why we're here and where we are going. Our life has purpose and meaning and we are here to live, and we become determined to express ourselves freely and fully. We become free from all fear, we have a strong and vital faith which makes us whole. There is nothing we cannot do - nothing we cannot be - when we set our true course and follow it. Divine Mind tells us where to go and what to do and takes care of our every step along the way.

MARGARET DRABBLE wrote, "When nothing is sure, everything is possible."

Love shows us the way of life, and the law makes the way possible. We use the Law of Mind more perfectly when we enter into love, the invisible essence of life, and share it with one another. Love must be used for us to make use of the law, that is, we must be motivated by love, by a sincere despite to express unity, harmony and peace. As a true artist weds his or her self to the essence of beauty, imbibing its spirit that it may be transmitted to the canvas or awaken a living form from cold marble, so must we wed ourselves to the essence of love that we may imbibe its spirit and transmit it, giving loveliness to all events.

HOWARD THURMAN writes, "In contemplation of my days, I know that I am surrounded by the love of God."

The simplest form of prayer treatment is to "reverse the thought."

This means that when a thought of lack comes to mind we should instantly mentally say, There is no lack in the kingdom of God and I am right there, right now! Anything we think, say or do three times establishes a habit groove in the nervous system. We are victims of our own bad habits, but we also are beneficiaries of our own good habits. We cannot function outside of natural laws and habit patterns, but we can definitely build new response patterns into our bodies, and our personality with our prayer life, which is our thoughts.

ROBERT HALL said, "Prayer serves as an edge and border to preserve the web of life from unraveling."

There has never been a situation where harboring bias or hatred has assisted or elevated us. For example, worry, doubt, guilt and fear which are sentiments that are of no value in solving problems or expressing our own perfection. When we forgive others, we accept forgiveness for our own issues, those things we might view as mistakes or failures in our lives. We are then able to realize that forgiveness is also available to us. The greater our forgiveness, the greater amount we are able to accept. To forgive is a liberating, loving and humane approach to life. It allows us to continue with our spiritual growth and enables us to eliminate resistance to the upward cycle of our own Divine

SCIENCE OF MIND writings express, "The great lesson to learn here is that God never approaches and never condemns."

One of the ways in which we connect with the Divine nature of the universe is to get in touch with that part of us that senses and appreciates beauty in all things. Beauty is to be found in nature as well as in our everyday surroundings. Our appreciation of the
splendor that encircle us reveals the wonder of nature and the universe allowing us to consciously become part of its perfection. Our awareness of this beauty reveals God's plan of creation. When we meditate upon any simple object - a rose, an apple or even an ordinary pencil - and become aware of all its nuances of color, form and line, we soon begin to realize that the observed becomes the observer. This is a wonderful exercise because the object of our attention appears to be mindful of itself and all that surrounds it. In this way by seeing the beauty in the things around us and appreciating it, we become that beauty.

RABBI NACHMAN says, "When a person is filled with God's love, all things become sacred, pleasurable, and loving."
Have been thinking of the healing properties of color. Look at what the color of your clothes you grab to put on. Is there one color that you seem to reach for? Does your body need something and is it giving you a message as to what it needs.

Look at the food you eat, what do you have missing in your life?

Check out the color chart to see what you need for healing and change in your life. What don't you have? Today, I reached for a navy sweat shirt that I seldom wear.


Love always,


I share because I care.

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