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When I slide over from being 'On the Program' to 'Self Will Run Riot' it's seamless. There's no bump, no warning, I'm just there. That's why I need Step 1O. - Trip S.

Never heard this concept before. I was told, whenever I felt comfortable, it was time to move on or take a look at where I was because I might be in an old behavior that no longer serves me in recovery.

I always need Step 10, the biggest lesson I learned was to work it all day long, not just morning and night. It saved me a lot of detours and helped me over a lot of roadblocks.

Will have to give this more thought. I feel that I am in God's will when I turn my day over each morning. When I go with the flow, things unfold as they should. If I fight it and debate as to what I should do or not do, there is a good chance, I am say, "I hear you but I am not willing to do that right now, later!" A sure sign for me, is to go downtown and not see one person I know when I am there. I is a sure sign and indicator, that I am running away from home, and I should have stayed home and did the dishes or the laundry.

It doesn't have to be recovery people, but when it is, it is bonus!
In means to be involved. On can mean your there, but a lot depends on how you are involved as to whether you are sober or whether you are looking for sobriety.

I was told to bring the body and the mind will follow. It was a long process. My eyes were on the program, at first I wasn't even sure what the program was. I just kept coming back.

Have heard a couple of long-timers stressing how much we need to find our own program. I can only be in my program, working it one day at a time. If I am on a program, that gives me an option to quit, change my mind, get new direction, involve other things or ignore the parts I don't like. That does sound like self-will run riot.

I was told to find what worked for me. I found out I was a many faceted woman, who needed many things in order to find recovery. It wasn't just about alcohol and prescription drugs. It is a lot about why I used them in the first place. I had an eating disorder, I wanted to get rich quick and looked for that winning ticket. So much of me was gung ho! get out of my way, I am coming through.

Love always,


I share because I care.

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