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Default Addiction to Busy/Work

Was a workaholic for most of my life, always had to fill up my space with busy and other people so I had no time to deal with my issues. It helped me to look out and not go within.

In other words, no substitutions, no bargaining, no victimization and going into the poor mes, no role playing, accept the fact that I have a problem and ask my God to change the thinking that goes along with the using.

"The passion for setting people right is in itself an afflictive disease.

Women who do too much often think that it is our job to set others right. After much gathering of information and acquisition of knowledge, we really have come to believe that we can and do know what is best for other people. Since we know what is best, we have no difficulty sharing this important information with any who will-or sometimes even will not-listen. Some of us even get paid for knowing what is best for others and setting them straight.

Ugh, it doesn't look so good on paper, does it?

Perhaps today would be a good day to look at my arrogance. Benevolent arrogance is still arrogance.

- Original Source Unknown to me.
My way doesn't necessarily mean it is the right way for someone else. My way is certainly not the only way, a big spiritual awareness for me.

Who am I to try to manage other peoples life when my own life is unmanageable, especially when managed by me.

When I think of all the jobs I had, starting as a file clerk, receptionist, assistant accountant: accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchasing, payroll, collection of accounts, inventory, export documentation, secretary, and office manager. I told myself I had a willingness to learn, with no thought of the fact that I had to fill up that space, so I didn't think about my life and what was around me. I had trouble leaving work and not bringing it home. Many hours of over time, doing jobs for others, when a department was short, I was called in to fill the space, plus do my own work as well. I got to where I thought I knew everything, and I used work to find my self-worth and approval, because I couldn't find it within myself.

Love always,


I share because I care.

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