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Default Standing Alone

Standing Alone

Standing alone, the darkness surrounds?
Pain echoes inside me, thunderous sounds.
Beaten and battered, all alone so it seemed.
Where had my life gone, where were my dreams?
I'd lost all ambition, I'd lost so so much.
Solutions not working, no golden touch.
I wasn't like others, but where did I fit?
Would I be lonely, if I truly quit?
A point of surrender, the end of the road..
Who could I turn to lighten the load?
I opened my mouth, the words just came out...
Please help me find answers, solutions I doubt.
Yet there were the people, bright shiny and clean..
Their faces most smiling, their eyes had a gleen.
Why would they help me, what would they say?
They told me to follow, they'd show me the way.
One day at a time, one hour or less?
That's all I'd need.. and I'd pass the test.
But why were they giving, so caring for me?
It struck me strangely, they told me I'd see.
As I followed suggestions, changes had come..
Keep working the steps, you're never done.
Yet as I recover, my life's been renewed..
The future looks brighter, no longer skewed.
The promises happen, the dreams will come true..
Now that I live them, I offer to you..
A chance to be happy, a chance to be free.
Together it's working, other alcoholics and me.
Give it a chance, hold tight if you must!
Recovery's out there, in that you can trust.
When days feel all crazy, and some of them do.
My answer's are found, with people like you.
It might be your first day, it might be 10 years.
No matter duration, we share the same tears.
Yet together there's laughter... smiles once thought lost..
Miracles truly... for all that we've lived through, at such a high cost.
I step forward each morning, given new day.
Thank God and you, having shown me the way.
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