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Humor "We Are Not A Glum Lot." Share Articles, Humor, Inspirations, Jokes, News, Poems, Quotes, Writings, etc. Here. Keep It Clean Please.

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Default Standing on the Corner Stinking

A man who obivously had not had a bath in several months was standing on the corner pooping in his pants repelling passers-by with his terrible stinch.

A good samaritan walked by and told the stinking man: "Hey! You stink!!! You smell like poop!!!"

Stinky replied: "I know. That's cuz I have poop in my pants."

Good Samaritan: "WHY???"

Stinky: "I dunno. I just like to stand here and poop in my pants."

Good Samaritan: "What 'n the wide world of sports is wrong with you???"

Stinky: "I dunno ... hmm".

Good Samaritan: "Hey! Listen up Stinky. I have a friend who's a psychiatrist. I know if you go see my friend he'll be able to get to the bottom of this and find out why you poop your pants all the time and just stand there stinking!!!"

Stinky: "Okay. I go see him".

A week passed by and the good samaritan met up with Stinky on the street corner again.

Good Samaritan: "Hey you! Did you go see my friend???"

Stinky: "Yup."

Good Samaritan: "Well you sure stink!!!"

Stinky: "I know I do."

Good Samaritan: "But you said you went to see me friend who would surely get to the bottom of all this pooping and find out why you poop in your pants and just stand there stinking!!!"

Stinky: "Yup I seen him and he seen me."

Good Samaritan: "Did my psychiatrist friend tell you why you poop in your pants and just stand there stinking???"

Stinky: "Yeah, but now it don't bother me."
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