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Default Recovery and Relapse Inventory

1)what fear did your relapse create?

2)what guilt did it bring?

3)what regret did it create?

4)what harm did you do to yourself?

5)what harm did you do to others?

6)what financial harm was done?

7)what relationship damage was done?

8)what did it do to your self esteem?

9)what damage was done to your relationship with God?

10)what other problems did your using create?

Read recovery and relapse every day for a month.

The chapter says a relapse means we are holding on to Reservations.

11)what parts of the program are you not willing to trust? Can you identify any reservations?

Often we find that our surrender only scratches the surface.Only

A full surrender works with this disease.Use this chapter as a guideline

Read Recovery/Relapse Inventory Worksheet

The whole point of this worksheet is to look back and identify and discover in what areas you failed to work your program of recovery. If we don’t learn from our relapses.....and become aware of what not to do again…..we are destined to repeat those same mistakes.

If you are willing to at least look at your thinking, feelings, and behavior that led up to the relapse… are moving towards recovery, not away from it.

It is just as important to look at assets, as well as liabilities. We look at what was working as opposed to what didn’t work and identify problem areas. These are the areas we want to bring into our awareness this time….so they won’t slip below the radar again.

In what ways was I actively working my program? (explain/describe, include feelings)

Higher power?

In what areas did I let my program slide or become complacent? (explain/describe, include feelings)
Higher power?

In what ways was my life manageable?(explain/describe, include feelings)

In what ways was my life unmanageable? (explain/describe – be specific, include feelings)

What events/situations affected my life negatively? (people, places, things, relationships, work)

How did I handle those events? (positive/negative)
What choices (self-will) do I think led me back into unmanageability?
Were these choices well thought out or impulsive reactions? Did you choose by default and ignore the warning signs)

In what ways was I in denial of the direction I was heading?
What circumstances could I have handled differently? In what way?

How was my emotional life unmanageable without the use of drugs? (in what ways – describe feelings and over what).

What were my thinking processes? (describe) Was I lying to myself? Did I justify my actions?

How did my behavior change? In what ways?

In what areas did I lack faith or not use my Higher Powers Guidance?

In what ways did my character defects come into play? (explain/describe all areas)
Stealing? Emotional stealing others trust?
Emotional, physical, sexual, financial manipulation of others?
Distrust of self and others?
Resentments? How they affected me and what actions did I take / or not take?
Self reliance/isolation?
Blame? Who did I blame for my feelings and why?
Did I abandon myself?

In what ways did I depend on others to meet my needs?
Where did I not take responsibility for myself and my program?
In what ways did I give my power to others?

Now looking at the answers to all these questions – Identify the problem areas?

List them:

What do I need to work on?
What do I need to watch for? Warning signs? Triggers?

In my best thinking…..How could I actively stay aware and work my program differently this time? (explain/describe).

What active actions can I take to promote my recovery?

How does my behavior need to change?

How will I rely on my Higher power to help me make these changes?

How can I align my will with my Higher powers guidance?

What can I do this time that I did not do last time to ensure a stronger program.

What does a complete surrender mean to me?

Submitted by stickmonkey on another site,

Love always,


I share because I care.

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